Releasenotes NetHomeServer 3.0

This is a list of the news and changes in the 3.0 release. These changes has been available for a while in the nightly builds, but now they are formally released.

Raspberry Pi Installation

Since most users use Raspberry Pi as platform for running OpenNetHome a special installation script adapted for Raspberry Pi is added. This installs ONH as a background process which starts automatically and is easy to upgrade and maintain. Read more about it here.

REST interface

To make it easy to integrate OpenNetHome with other programs, an open WEB-service interface is included which allows access to all functions supported by the server. The interface is implemented as a REST service. See here for more details.

Support for IKEA Trådfri

Support for the IKEA Trådfri series of remote controlled lamps is added in OpenNetHome, see here for details.

Support for the MQTT-Protocol

The IoT protocol MQTT is now supported by OpenNetHome. Thanks  Jocke G and Patrik Gustavsson for the contribution. Read more about the feature here.

Support for JeeLink

The JeeLink USB Radio transmitter is now supported as a generic 433MHz transmitter for OpenNetHome, allowing it to control all 433Mhz devices supported by OpenNetHome. Read more here.

Faster Graphs with Database

The graphs available for all sensors in OpenNetHome can now be presented faster thanks to database support in the back end. See here for details. Thanks Peter Lagerhem for the contribution.

Improved Plan View

It is now easier to download and install custom background images for the Plan View in OpenNetHome. Se here for details. You can also customize the entire view, for example change Item icons, by configuring a custom css-file, see here for more info. 

 Belkin Wemo supported

The Wemo product line is a series of home automation devices which are controlled via WLAN. It includes smart switches and light bulbs which now can be controlled by OpenNetHome. Read here for more details.

Support for the RollerTrol blind motors

Added support for the RollerTrol blind motors. Read here for more details.

Improved support for Philips Hue

The Philips Hue system was already supported with the multi color lamps. Now the monochrome lamps Hue Lux are also supported. See here

For the ordinary Philips Hue lamps it is now also possible to save preset colors together with dim settings, see here for more details.

Added ValueLogger-Item

The ValueLogger-Item can monitor any attribute/value in another Item and present a graph over that value.

Opened Forum

A forum is opened at to discuss and ask questions, welcome in for a tour!

SMPP Jabber messaging

OpenNetHome can now send and receive messages with the SMPP-protocol, allowing Items to send messages to your phone and to listen for SMPP-messages and trigger actions from that. Read here about sending and here about listening.

Lamp Repeater

To handle the somewhat unreliable characteristics of remote controlling lamps via the 433MHz band, the Item can increase the reliability, see here for more details.

Support for Foo Gadgets Power Meter

Added support for Foo Gadget  pulse power meter, read more here.

Support for Fine Offset sensors

Temperature, humidity and rain sensors using the “Fine Offset”-protocol over the 433MHz band are supported. Read here and here for more details.

Support for Oregon Scientific sensors

Added support for a range of sensors using the “Oregon Scientific” protocol over the 433 MHz band. This includes temperature, humidity and rain sensors. Read more here. Separate support for rain sensors is also added here.

Support for Prologue sensors

Added support for temperature sensors using the “Prologue” protocol over the 433 MHz band.

Lamp Item for external interfaces

Added the CustomLamp-Item, where the “on” and “off” actions are configurable, so it can be used as GUI for any kind of hardware which can be controlled via an external shell script or command.