To be able to control external devices (like dimmers and switches) and to be able to receive data from external thermometers, you need some kind of interface hardware. OpenNetHomeServer supports a number of different interface devices and also makes it easy to build your own interface hardware! Note that all interfaces listed here can be combined at the same time in a NetHome server, and devices from the different systems can be mixed completely, so a Philips Hue-lamp may be triggered by a temperature value read via the Tellstick interface and so on.

Interfaces for the 433 MHz band

The 433 MHz band is an open frequency band that is used by most low cost remote switches and wireless thermometers that you can buy in retail stores. OpenNetHome has protocol drivers for a lot of that kind of devices, but you need some kind of radio transmitter/receiver. OpenNetHome supports the following devices:


Tellstick Duo

Tellstick Duo is a transceiver for the 433MHz RF band which is used for most remote controlled switches and dimmers. Tellstick Duo allows both control of remote devices and reception of data from wireless thermometers and moisture sensors. See details about installing Tellstick here…


JeeLink Classic

JeeLink Classic is a Arduino compatible programmable radio transmitter/receiver sold by JeeLabs/Digital Smarties. OpenNetHome has a custom firmware that turns the JeeLink into a generic 433MHz remote control sender.  See details about installing JeeLink here…




CUL 433 is a generic radio transceiver with a CPU and a radio transceiver circuit, which is manufactured and sold by busware.de. The CUL device connects to a PC with an USB-connection. OpenNetHome currently only supports transmission via this interface. Read more about CUL-Connection…



Home Built Interface

OpenNetHomeServer has built in protocol drivers for all supported RF protocol devices which can output the protocol data on the speaker output, and receive via the microphone input. This makes it easy to build your own transmitter and receiver hardware. Read more about building your own interface here…


WiFi connected devices

There are some lamps switches that are controlled via WiFi. These kind of systems does not require any extra hardware to be controlled by OpenNetHome. You just have to plug them in and configure them in OpenNetHome.



Philips Hue Bridge

Philips Hue is a series of remote controlled LED lamps. They are controlled via a small bridge device which is connected to your network. NetHomeServer can talk directly to this bridge, so if you already have Philips Hue, you need no additional hardware to connect NetHomeServer.


Belkin WeMo

Belkin WeMo is a series of remote switches and lamps controlled via the WiFi network. OpenNetHome can talk directly to the WeMo devices, so no additional hardware is needed.


Brand Specific Interfaces


FHZ 1000 PC

FHZ1000PC (and FHZ1300PC)  is a transceiver for the FS20 remote control system. This system is mainly sold in Germany, but is available in other countries via Conrad. OpenNetHome currently supports control of lamps and dimmers in this system, but not yet sensors.