NetHomeServer 3.0 is now released! See the release notes for all new features!

The NetHomeServer is an open source  software/hardware project for home automation. The functionality of the home automation server is to integrate functions like lamp control, temperature measurements and control of audio and video equipment into one framework where it is possible to mix and match devices from different vendors and build features which integrate functions from all kind of units. The core is a server program which is easy to install and runs on Windows, Linux and MAC OSX.


All you need to do is to add a hardware interface (and OpenNetHome support multiple) and then you can start control lamp switches, dimmers, fire alarms and also receive data from thermometers, moisture sensors and so on.

Look at the feature index to get an overview of what features are supported:

Most common use is to install NetHomeServer on a RaspberryPi and use the WEB-Interface to control your home.

See here how the installation on a raspberry pi is made: